An Integrative Health Care Practice In Charlotte NC

Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery

Clinical Hypnosis is a state of focused mental awareness while in a relaxed state, which is called a trance state. This allows the person to access parts of their own subconscious for healing that may be otherwise inaccessible in a waking state. Hypnosis can be a powerful adjunct for almost any medical condition because it facilitates the healing of the mind-body-spirit connection almost like a super highway or a channel between the person’s inner resources and the body. It can also be used to foster creativity, enhance sports and artistic performances, and explore unconscious motivations that are linked to self- defeating behaviors. A trance state is a very natural state that occurs spontaneously such as when you are driving and forget how you got from one place to another. This state can be harnessed and enhanced for healing work. The ability to be hypnotized varies from person to person, but most people can access this state enough to positively impact their own health and healing potentials.

​Guided Imagery is a modality that harnesses the active power of the imagination for healing, creativity, performance enhancement, self-awareness, and personal growth. Guided Imagery activates the inner resources of the mind-body-spirit connection to access and to create new healing pathways between the conscious and unconscious mind. This allows the person to harness their own inner strengths and resources in ways that are self-directed and bypass some of the mental blocks that can inhibit wellness, personal growth, and achievements.  Guided Imagery actually utilizes all of the senses, so even people who do not believe that they are “visual” or have good imaginations can use this technique. Although Guided Imagery and Medical Hypnosis overlap and are often used together, the distinction is that the Guided Imagery is a more open, fluid process and Medical Hypnosis is targeted more like a laser beam with a specific focus or intent.