An Integrative Health Care Practice In Charlotte NC


At Healing Arts Medical we try to offer our exceptional services at a price that is as reasonable as possible for our vast array of patients. Healing Arts Medical prides itself in being a low-overhead medical practice designed with cost-to-patient in mind. As with any viable business we periodically raise our prices in response to inflation and other market forces that affect our cost of doing business. The price of a visit depends on the amount of time we spend with you in the treatment room for consultation and/or osteopathic manipulation. There are additional costs to a visit if there are procedures such as acupuncture, cupping and injections. Services such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture-only and injection-only visits will have the specific prices listed below. The pricing breakdown below applies to most common circumstances. 

​90 Minute Initial Consultation (Osteopathic/Integrative Assessment & Treatment): $350

**Initial Consultations for children 12 and under are typically 30-60 minutes with cost structure based on follow-up visits**

Follow up visits:
30 minutes: $150
$50 for each additional 15 minute increments up to 90 minutes (ex: 60 minute: $250)

> 90 minutes: $350 plus $45 for each additional 15 minutes. 

Acupuncture-Only Initial Visit ​(30 Minute Consultation & Acupuncture Session): $210
Acupuncture-Only Follow-up visits (30 minutes): $100

Acupuncture as Add-on to Another Service: $60 (ex: 45 minute osteopathic session with acupuncture add-on: $260)

​Hypnotherapy Initial (60 minutes): $250

Hypnotherapy Follow-up (30-60 minutes): $150-$250

​Trigger Point Injections: $160 for one body region (ex: the neck is one region) and $40 for each additional region (ex: $200 for neck and mid-back)

Prolotherapy Injections: $220 for one body region (ex: the neck is one region) and $60 for each additional region (ex: $280 for neck and mid-back)

Visit cost may be prorated if a visit is concluded in less time or increased if the visit requires extra time. We reserve the right to modify the cost of our services based on unusual circumstances but will always explain it you in such a rare instance.

We accept cash, checks, VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, Discover, HSA and FSA. 

Cancellation Policy:  Due to the large block of time allotted for initial visits, a $100 credit card deposit will be required at the time of booking.  The deposit will go towards the cost of the initial visit.  It is fully reimbursed if you cancel or reschedule greater than 2 business days prior to your appointment.  Follow up visits also require a 2 business day cancellation/reschedule notice and may be subject to a $75 fee.  Late arrival, Same-Day Cancellations and No-shows may be subject to the full visit fee for the time allotted.